What is Joe2 Productions?

Joe2 (aka Joe-Squared) Productions is a father-and-son-owned business created in 2013 fueled by passion and equipped with the latest and greatest in light, sound, and video technology. Joe2 thrives to create events of a lifetime at very competitive prices.

Joe Cancilla Jr

Co- Founder and Operational Square Root

Joe has been in the production services industry for the last 8 years, having done intimate 15-person events to large venue events with thousands of guests. Joe has passion for event production and djaying since he was a teen. He has also
been fascinated with the technology and artistry of theater and concert productions and strives to bring that operational sophistication to the events we produce – small or large.

Joe Cancilla Sr.

Co-Founder and Financial Square Root

Joe has spent most of his 37+ working years in accounting and finance roles in large and small companies. Joe has also always been fascinated with theater and concert productions. He has worked in the technical, hospitality, and wine
industries and brings this broad and deep understanding of event production and cost management to Joe2.

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