Chauvet Fogger

• Continuous output via dedicated DMX channel

• 40,000 CFM fog output for intense, large effects

$75 Per Unit

Chauvet Hazer

• Add the haze look to any event

• Haze quantity completely controllable

• pro quality water-based haze machine suited for large-scale ap-plications

$75 Per Unit

Chauvet Geyser

• Advanced red, green, blue, and amber (RGBA) LED color mixing

• 40,000 cfm fog output for intense, large effects

• Make a 25 jet of fog

$75 Per Unit

Bubble King

The CHAUVET DJ Bubble King is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. When you need bubbles for a large area, or complete bubble coverage of an area, this is as good as it gets

$65 Per Unit

Snow Effect

Want a Winter Wonderland Entrance?
Want to Create a winter Theme for your Ceremony?
Well Now you Can!!!

$175 Per Unit

Dancing on Clouds

Dancing on the Clouds is a special effect created by using a professional machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising.
Your dance floor will be transformed instantaneously with a beautiful sea of cloud which will gently lap around your feet, creating a magical look that will re-ally add the ‘Wow’ factor to your first dance.

First Song  $350
Every additional song  $75

Stadium Confetti Launcher

• The Staduim Size Goliath Confetti Cannon Continuous Flow Gerb CO2 Cryo Machine Constant Streamer

• Can launch 1-lb. of confetti products per second up to 75′ high

• Can Launch 1lb/sec for 60 seconds

per unit Plus confetti and co2 $75