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Lighting & Room Effects


We have invested significant resources to expand our lighting inventory, focusing on the most innovative technology. We currently offer:

  • Battery wireless up-lights
  • LED area washes
  • Battery wireless pin-spots (wide angle and adjustable angle)
  • Wireless DMX controllers
  • A variety of moving headlights
  • Market lighting
  • LED twinkle lights
  • Theatrical follow-spots
  • LED strobes
  • LED blinders
  • Gobo projectors (LED and incandescent)

We strive to carry the latest lighting equipment to bring the best to our clients’ events.  We also work with some of the best companies in the industry:


  • Chauvet Professional
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Martin Lighting

Please inquire about your specific needs.


Up-lighting can improve the look of your event. We recommend 5′ to 10′ of separation between each up-light.


Main features include:

  • Computer Controlled Lighting – $35 per unit
  • Battery Static Color – $30 per unit

Lighting Effects

Custom Monogram

Make any occasion custom with your initials, company name, or logo. This package includes a custom metal gobo, an ETC Source Four projection light, and a mounting pole.


  • Please note that specific designs may require an upgrade to a glass gobo, which will incur additional charges.
  • Additional charges will apply for adding color to glass gobos. Charges are based on design and the number of colors used.
  • Customers have the choice to keep the custom GOBO or monogram.

Pricing starts at $250 per unit

Circular LED Arches

Make your celebration unforgettable with these mesmerizing circular LED arches.

  • Color (single or multiple) 
  • 8′ T x 8′ W

$150 per unit

Color Wash

Need to color wash a specific area like a stage or a band? These lights will do the trick and add an elegant glow to any room. 


$65 per unit

Water Effect

Abyss lighting uses upgraded, high-powered LEDs to simulate a multicolored water effect that shines through any environment with or without fog. 


$55 per unit

Pattern Wash

Turn any wall or floor into a beautiful pattern. Want to create a dance floor without having an actual dance floor? Pattern wash can help you achieve the look you want.


• Price includes single metal gobo, ETC Source Four light, and mounting pole
• Can be upgraded to glass gobo for more detailed designs
• Single color can be added to either glass or metal gobo
• Multiple colors can be added to glass gobos only
• Pick from thousands of patterns or custom-make your own


Starting at $150 per unit

All-in-One Dance Light

  • Swarm Wash FX is a 4-in-1 LED effect fixture that combines an RGBAW rotating derby, RGB+UV wash, LED green laser, and a ring of white SMD strobes. 
  • By individually controlling each effect via DMX and master modes, you can create an endless array of looks. 
  • Other features include automated and sound-activated programs and a user-friendly menu structure.

$65 per unit

Marquee Lights

  • American steel 36″ marquee letter lights styled after vintage movie theater marquee signs that date back to 1926.
  • Approved for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Available in white & rust.

$85 per unit

Pin Spot

Centerpiece pin spotting and cake spotlighting highlight the magical elements of your event, such as flowers, wedding cakes, photos, or sign-in books.


Pin Spot Lighting – $25 per unit & up
Cake Spot Lighting – $65 per unit

Market Lighting

  • Market lighting is the most efficient way to light a large outdoor or, in some cases, indoor area. 
  • Our market lights have a 25-watt bulb (3″ diameter) spaced every 24″. When hung with poles, trees, or trussing, the lights will provide a warm glow to your event.
  • Our market light setups come with dimmers installed so that we can get the lighting and the mood just right!
  • Available in white or black cord, regular or suspended lights.
  • Cables are attached for easy setup and takedown and also allow for custom lengths.

$2 per foot

Poles – $15 per unit

Manual Dimmer – $5 per unit

DMX Dimmer – $15 per unit 

Room Effects

Chauvet Fogger

• Continuous output via dedicated DMX channel
• 40,000 CFM fog output for intense, significant effects

$75 per unit


Chauvet Hazer

• Add a haze look to any event
• Haze quantity is completely controllable
• Professional quality water-based haze machine suited for large-scale applications

$75 per unit


Chauvet Geyser

• Advanced red, green, blue, and amber (RGBA) LED color
• 40,000 CFM fog output for intense significant effects
• Make a 25′ jet of fog

$75 per unit


Bubble King

When you need bubbles for a large area or complete bubble coverage of a region, this is as good as it gets.

$65 per unit


Snow Effect

Want a winter wonderland entrance? We can create a winter theme for your ceremony or reception.

$175 per unit


Dancing on Clouds

“Dancing on Clouds” is a special effect created by a machine that produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. 


$350 first song
$75 for each additional song


Confetti Launcher

The stadium-size Goliath Confetti Cannon Continuous Flow Gerb CO2 Cryo Machine Constant Streamer can launch 1 pound of confetti per second up to 75′ high. 

$175 per unit plus the cost of confetti and CO2


Rustic Bronze Chandelier 24″

  • Bronze finish chandelier from the Covington collection
    is casual yet sophisticated
  • The open airframe is lined in gold for a refined pop of color
  • 24.49″ W x 24.49″ D x 21.81″ H
  • Six 60-watt vintage-style bulbs included
  • Great for rustic or lodge style décor
  • Light is dimmable allowing you to create your desired ambiance

$85 per unit

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier 6 Bulb
• Chrome finish
• Royal cut crystal
• Fixture: 28” H x 24” W
• Overall product weight: 32.75 lbs.
$275 per unit


Crystal Chandelier 15 Bulb
• Chrome finish
• Royal cut crystal
• Fixture: 52” H x 33” W
• Overall product weight: 70 lbs.
$975 per unit

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